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November 30, 2020

Starting a brand new show tonight on La Bestia Radio in Mexico City! 

It’s my dream show. Getting to play a new artist you think are class and connecting them with new fans on the other side of the world, it doesn’t get much better.

Starts 1pm Mexico time / 7pm UK time. Vamonos!



November 25, 2020

NEWS! Next Monday I’ll be starting a new radio show on La Bestia Radio, a brand new station coming out of Mexico City. ‘Ground Control’ is my chance to share all the most exciting records I’ve been finding through the week across Mexico and worldwide!

The first time I went to Mexico, back in 2016, it was off the back of winning a student presenter competition with the Selector Radio programme. This incredible prize was to fly out with the British Council and present shows on Ibero 909.9 FM. (Ibero’s a lot like the student radio stations we have over here - students hanging out, vegan wraps, quietly tearing their hair out over dissertations - but instead of 1 or 2 students listening in the library, it’s more like 21 MILLION people.) Essentially a DJ student exchange, and we went all in. We tried the food, went to gigs pretty much every night, DJed the local nightclub. I loved it so much, just a few months later I flew back out to have another go.

Jump forward to 2020, and joining some old friends on La Bestia Radio feels like coming full circle. In a year when radio’s become a friend in the room for so many of us, it’s a real privilege to be let into people’s homes and to be bringing my favourite new artists from home over to Mexico. With travelling and touring off the table it feels more important than ever.

The show starts on Monday 30th November from 7pm (1pm Mexico City time) then every Monday after that, coming to you from the DIY rave shed at the bottom of my garden. Can’t wait to get started.

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Base Camp FM, from the Deer Shed Festival Team

August 15 2020

Left the house to broadcast on Deer Shed Festival's Base Camp FM. We thought the summer was off, but the Deer Shed team's quick-thinking brought us Base Camp - socially distanced camping with festival vibes on the in house FM station to keep the torch alive. We’re so lucky to have this festival on our doorstep and this year with Base Camp doubly so. It was all broadcast locally on 87.7 FM from the shed, and now the sessions and interviews are up on the site, with the likes of the Howl & the Hum, Shadowlark and Hyde Park Brass. We can’t climb Everest but we can set up a Base Camp on the way up. And here it is!


Jonathan from Everything Everything on Instagram Live tomorrow

August 12 2020

Catching up with Jonathan from Everything Everything on Instagram Live tomorrow. I’ve been lucky enough to hear the album today (repeatedly) and I love it. Of course I loved it. This is Everything Everything we’re talking about. They’ve really gone to town on this album. Alex’s guitar, the harmonies – it’s packed with ear candy.

A lot’s been said about the new track, Violent Sun, how upbeat it is and how it’s sort of new territory for the band - and it’s a pretty strong indicator for how Re-Animator sounds as a whole. It’s so full of its own exuberance. There’s a joyous love of life seeping out of this record. It is just awesome.

Speaking to Jonathan Higgs from the band and unpacking the record on Instagram Live tomorrow from 2pm. See you there!


Base Camp FM is on

July 24, 2020

Leaving my house to broadcast on Base Camp FM tonight. Socially distanced camping with festival vibes on 
's FM station. Live music, comedy, all shorts. Broadcasting from the real life shed, picking out some new records to soundtrack your frisbee-throwing, meditating, BBQing. Big hitters, memories and headliners from yesteryear, the bands of Deer Shed's future. The Howl and the Hum, Shadowlark and the Hyde Park Brass will be recording sessions with us in the shed, there might even be an appearance from Fran of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. It all starts Saturday night from 5pm. We can't climb to the top of Everest (go to a festival) right now, but we can set up a Base Camp half way up.

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May 18, 2020

Hello reader. This is me, on a website.

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