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Everything Everything - Violent Sun

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Everything Everything - we are so lucky to have them.

There’s a real agency to ‘Violent Sun’, the band’s next step towards their fifth record, ‘Re-Animator’, and it's their most romantic to date. “It’s meant to sound like the last song of the night,” said Jonathan tonight, “the DJ’s gonna put on one more. You think, 'I’m gonna do it now - I’m gonna kiss the girl or the boy, I’m gonna tell my friends I love them. I’m really gonna grab the moment, and you know it’s slipping away for you' – that’s the kind of feeling we’re going for.” You wonder how much of the voice of the author is in there. Here you have a band, about to release their fifth album, but barrelling in with all the reckless freshman youthfulness that normally burns out after a first album. Maybe it's why Jeremy from the band recently likened it to their 2010 debut, 'Man Alive', more than ever - clever, cheeky, quicksilver, full of ideas.

From 'In Birdsong' to 'Violent Sun', EE are enriching everything we know about the band without ever really upsetting the apple cart. Down as the closing track on the record's tracklist, “We’d normally put something weirder at the end [of an album],” notes Jonathan, “something a bit longer with a big fade out. Rather than a pleasant wind-down, it’s ‘no, now you’re getting started’”.

EE are one of our country's best bands - seriously. I hope they keep making music for many years to come.

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