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Everything Everything, 'Re-Animator' - First Listen

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Ahead of speaking to Jonathan tomorrow on Instagram Live, I was asked if I might like to hear the album a bit earlier, so here's some very, very early thoughts. I love it. Of course I loved it. This is Everything Everything we’re talking about, they’re my favourite band in the world.

It very soon becomes clear they've really gone to town on this record. Alex’s guitar, the harmonies – it’s packed with ear candy. A lot’s been said already about how upbeat their new single Violent Sun is, how it’s sort of new territory for the band. Its whole message is carpe diem – grab the moment now before it’s gone forever - and it’s actually a pretty strong indicator for how Re-Animator sounds as a whole. It’s so full of its own exuberance in a way we haven't really seen before. There’s a joyous love of life seeping out of this record. Like they’re taking their love of life and using this album as a way to express it. It is just awesome.

Favourite tracks. Obviously this is completely in flux, and everyone's list will be different, but today these are very special:

1). Lost Powers

2). Lord of the Trapdoor

3). Big Climb

I’ll be chatting with Jonathan Higgs from the band and unpacking the record more fully on Instagram Live tomorrow from 2pm. Come with a question prepared and we'll put the best ones to Jonathan. It's an exciting time to be an EE fan. See you there!

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