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I am a freelance designer and I want to help you with your project.

At an early age, I was fortunate to discover my passion for art and design. Exploring my creativity through many different mediums, I focused and honed my artistic strengths to the services I provide my clients today.

Since 2011 I have taken part in the Backhouse/Morgan Marriage Experiment – more research is underway. Before that, I attended Plymouth University and before that was schooled in East Yorkshire. Upon completion of my studies, I worked as a Junior English Reader at Ocean University in Zhoushan, China. There I learned valuable fundamentals in visual communication. I have now settled in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I am a keen blogger and I regularly post photos on Flickr although my best shots are on 500px – I sometimes post an image for sale on Artfinder. I am a founding member of Guerrilla Dub System and we have had four top-ten hits. When not working or making music, I quite enjoy taking my camera out into the surrounding town.

To further pollute the world with my thoughts and opinions, I host the radio show The Parish News on Sound Art Radio – I play everything from Dub to Field Recordings, Harsh Noise to Drone. The shows are recorded at CREAO Studios in North Yorkshire before being emailed down to Devon for broadcast.

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About 3 months ago


I have a good body of work behind me as a Field Recordist and sometimes minimalist composer that I sell on my Bandcamp page. This led to me founding a record label called Focused Silence. Focused Silence is the vehicle I use to put out the music that I want to hear and the music that inspires me – it is a bit of a hobby but it gets me away from the computer screen.

I am currently a freelance Associated Designer. I am always interested in new projects anywhere around the world.

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